New Library Quick Seach

We’ve updated our Library search to to make finding books and articles easier than ever. The new Quick Search tab keeps all of the functionality of our previous search, but is redesigned to make finding the information you need more straight-forward. The Quick Search box provides access to nearly everything we own and subscribe to, including books, Ebooks, journal articles, reference material and audio visual materials.

To find the information you are looking for you can search our entire collection by simply typing in your query and clicking the Search button. Select from the drop-down list to focus your search on a particular type of resource.

Use the “Tweak My Results” section to narrow down your results. You can choose from options such as Peer Reviewed Articles, Online Resources (which can be articles, ebooks or movies), or hardcopy items that are available at the John Spellman Library.


The detailed record gives you information about the item and a series of options, such as emailing the information from the record or citing the book or article. The menu circled in purple takes you to the different sections.


Books in the library will have a call number for locating it on the shelf, and online resources will have a link to access. If using resources from off-campus, login is required to view online books, videos and articles. Use you GHC login to get access.

As always, if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact the library!