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May, 2010:

Reduce Business and Personal Junk Mail

Reduce Business and personal junk mail – Both at work and home we can be overwhelmed with junk mail – the link below gives suggestions on how to reduce this avalanche of unwanted mail –and save trees and your valuable time in the process. 

I would also ask that whenever possible you remove your name from mailing lists that deliver unwanted mail to the college  – this saves time in the sorting and distribution of mail by our work study. 

Also, please always recycle that junk mail instead of tossing in the garbage – thanks!

This tip is brought to you by Barbara Wood McCullough who is the Assistant Dean for Financial Services at Grays Harbor College.  Thanks Barbara!

Join a Farm Share Program

Eating locally grown, organic produce doesn’t have to be difficult. Using a program called “Community Supported Agriculture” (or CSA for short), you can get the equivalent of a fresh vegetable subscription throughout the growing season.


For the past two years, I’ve been a paying member of the Helsing Junction Farms CSA in Rochester. Basically, you pay a flat weekly fee. This money supports the farmers to plough, seed, tend, and grow in an environmentally sustainable fashion. As the harvest matures, you receive a share in the bounty. This share is delivered weekly, in a fair sized box, to a location near you.

I can tell you first hand, the tomatoes out of this farm are 100% awesome. They are so bursting with flavor. Here’s a sample from their site:

CSA is simple yet revolutionary. As a CSA member, you join for the whole season and pay the farmer directly for your produce, which provides a secure retail market for the farm’s crops. This gives financial stability to the farm, which in turn enables the farm to commit to high quality produce at fair prices for you. With CSA programs there are no banks or government subsidies involved, just farmers and people working together to sustain small farms and provide quality food. Join a CSA program and become part of the growing movement striving to keep water and soil safe as well as maintain open spaces and farmland for the future. Help us put the culture back in agriculture!

I’ve scanned in a brochure  here [Download Brochure]. One really excellent thing about this brochure is the listing of drop points: You’ll see three cities listed:

Seattle (various locations)
Portland (various locations)
Hoquiam (!)

One of these things is NOT like the others, and I think Grays Harbor should be proud to represent small communities making sustainable choices, and receiving recognition for those choices! I think this brochure – and the demand for CSA produce here in Grays Harbor – is awesome, awesome, awesome.

This tip if brought to you by Ralph Hogaboom in the IT Department.  Thanks Ralph!

Buy a New Car or Keep the Old: Which is Better for the Environment?

Does driving a more fuel-efficient car always help reduce your carbon footprint?  Here is an article about whether or not you should keep your old car or buy a new one.

This tip is brought to you by Vivian Kaylor who is a Running Start Coordinator and a Counselor here at Grays Harbor College.  Thanks Vivian!