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November, 2010:

A Greener Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner, many people will be going out to get a Christmas tree in the next few weeks.  Every year questions seem to arise about which is better a fake or a real Christmas tree.  All other issues aside, the following article looks at which decision is best purely from the standpoint of CO2 emissions.

According to the article, when deciding between a real tree grown on a Christmas tree farm and a fake tree, the real tree is a far greener choice.  An even better choice would be to purchase a potted tree and plant it outside after you are finished using it as a Christmas tree.  The least green choice would be to go out into the woods and cut down a wild Christmas tree.  For more information check out the Wikipedia page on Christmas trees.

Happy Holidays!!

Update: If you already have a fake tree, continue to use it. Many people will buy new artificial trees every few years as old ones get bent or lose pieces. If it comes to that you should definitely start on real ones.

Reusable works for the Future

Carry around your own personal water containers and coffee mugs. This will save numerous bottles and cups from ending up in our landfills.  It will also reduce the waste coming from our own Grays Harbor College.