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December, 2010:

November 2010 Minutes




Monday – December 6th, 2010 – 3:00PM

Choker Dining Room

1.      Attendance – Welcome to Guests

o   Lorena Marchant, Jessica James, Kim Jones, Tom Kuester, Lynn Sidenstrang, Julie Nelson, Laura Ratcliff, Jamie Peterson, Kelly Toda, Teresa Bravenec, Heidi Bornhoff, Craig Miller, Janel Spaulding

2.      Opportunity for opening comment(s)

o   If you are new there has only been one meeting this year that you have missed.

o   Craig Miller- I want to thank you Lorena for all your effort. The new childcare center will be doing a recycling effort and they were looking for a new container for that. We should look into that. Lorena will follow up with Tracy in the childcare center.

3.      Department Report: Campus operations

o   Lorena- before you get started I wanted to let you know that we will be putting up some posters with information about what your department is doing.

o   Craig-

§  When we expanded our lower parking lot we did it very cheaply with recycled concrete from the 600 building.

§  We recycle all our fluorescent tubes.

§  We recycle in all building using the blue tubs.

§  We use all green chemicals here on campus and are expanding to our satellite campuses.

o   Lorena- we try to use all of the same materials (paper towels, etc…) to reduce shipping and packaging.

o   Craig- Mindy in receiving recycles all of her packaging.

§  We recycle all of our toner cartridges and earned two new printers ($3000) with the points for recycling

§  The glue-lamb beams in the childcare center are recycled as well as extra decking from the 2000 building. We saved thousands.

§  All of the furniture from the 600 building was sent to local schools to use rather than being thrown away.

§  The childcare center was the first building in GH County to receive the Gold Leed Award. The award will be mounted in the new building. We were required to meet at least Leed Silver but we were able to get the gold. The building site for the childcare center gave us points because we used a parking lot and didn’t have to cut down any trees. The heating systems recycle energy. At least 32% of the materials used needed to be within 500 miles of Aberdeen. Low flow toilets were used. Landscaping was environmentally friendly. Over 50% of the waste had to be recycled and they had several different dumpsters and had to keep track of it.

§  Roglins stored the beams for us until we decided to use them and then the sea port took them until we needed them for building. It saved us $$ on storage costs.

§  Some of the metal fitting from the 600 building were refurbished for sailing vessels.

§  The shipyard took parts of the extra glulam beams and made furniture.

§  Lorena- has there been any publicity for the Gold Leed Award

§  Craig- We do everything possible to maintain our “small waste generator” status.

  • We went through all the buildings and figured out what was going to give us the biggest payback and running natural gas instead of propane to the new A&W building will save a lot in energy costs so we received a big grant for that.

§  Lorena- Will that savings be an energy savings or a cost savings?

  • Craig- They say it’s more efficient but it will be a big cost saver.

§  Tom- Should I send an email about individual timers for thermostats?

  • Craig- Yes

4.      Monthly meetings

o   Survey Results: Will these times work for winter quarter as well?

§  The Second Week of the Month

§  M, W, or Th between 2-4p.m.

o   No Meeting in December, this is November’s meeting which was postponed due to inclement weather.

o   January Meeting Date- January 10th from 3-4p.m.- Jessica will find a room.

5.      Sustainability Action Team

o   The college received a grant from WACC to form a sustainability action team. The biggest difference between a committee and an action team is outside involvement. We are trying to involve more students and people in our community that could help us become more sustainable (PUD, MRC, ect…)

o   Laura- One of my concerns is the lack of composting. Does LeMay have a composting program?

§  Lorena- LeMay does not have a program in GH County.

o   Stafford Creek has a composting program and a truck comes every month to take it away. Maybe we could have a speaker come and share methods with us.

o   The other requirement for our WACC grant is putting together a Sustainability Action Plan (1 page with bullet points to 20 page proposal). We had a general consensus to make it fairly simple. We do need to have an itemized list.

§  Publish the executive summary from the Institutional Footprint Project

6.      Service Learning

o   WACC encourages us to look into integrating service learning into the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) disciplines. We are looking into integrating service learning into curriculum and identifying service learning that is already present.

o   Service learning has a reflection piece.

7.      Washington Campus Compact Field Trip

o   We visited Evergreen State College in October for Dialogue for Democracy to learn about how they are working on sustainability and service learning.

o   We will be meeting again quarterly.

o   Tentative meeting is at SPSCC is on February 4th

8.      New business

o   Sub-comittees- we will send out a survey monkey to figure out who wants to focus on what

o   We will be trying to get campus departments to come and report on what they are doing.

o   Is there any way to start a sustainability class?

§  We’re not making new classes right now because of budget cuts.

§  Community Special Interest Classes/Seminars might work. Mark Riseman or Cindy Wilson is in charge.

§  On this note you might be able to do a onetime 299 class for credit.

9.      Closing Comments

10.  Adjourn- 4:05

Reducing Waste

Try to avoid as much packaging as possible, especially things packaged on Styrofoam trays.  Purchase items in bulk whenever possible, and use reusable containers to store items in.  Use recyclable shopping bags, and don’t forget to launder them, in  order to avoid the spread of germs.

This week’s sustainability tip is brought to you by Julie N. Thanks Julie.