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January, 2011:

January 2010 Minutes




Monday –January 10, 2011 – 3:00PM

Choker Dining Room

1.      Attendance – Welcome to Guests

o   Lorena Marchant, Janelle Spaulding, Tom Kuester, Lynn Sidenstrang, Kim Jones, Laura Ratcliff, Jayme Peterson, Kelly Toda, Adrienne Roushe

2.      Opportunity for opening comment(s)

o   The wellness committee is having a walking challenge and we should encourage people to walk on our trails.

3.      Department Report: Cancelled

o   Next month: Instruction

4.      Monthly meetings

o   February Meeting Date: Monday the 14th from 3-4, Jessica will reserve a room

5.      Sustainability Action Team

o   We’re slow getting started on this. I do have information on our sub-committees. (See addendum)

o   Sustainability Action Plan

o   Jessica will email the executive summary and the summary/recommendations out to the committee.

6.      Service Learning: There will be a conference at the end of April in San Diego, there may be an opportunity for interested people to go to that.

7.      Washington Campus Compact Field Trip (Tentative, February 4th)

o   South Puget Sound Community College

§  Attendees: Jayme Peterson, Lorena Marchant, Kim Jones, Jessica James

8.      Sustainability Tip of the Week Sign Up

9.      New business

10.  Closing Comments

o   Ford unveiled a fully electric car.

11.  Adjourn 4:45