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June, 2011:

March 2011 Minutes





Monday –March 14, 2011 – 3:00PM

Choker Dining Room

  1. Attendance – Welcome to Guests
  • Lorena, Janelle, Kim, Cara-Beth, Adrienne, Jayme, Ralph


  1. Opportunity for opening comment(s)


  1. Monthly meetings
  • April Meeting Date: Monday the 11th from 3-4


  1. Earth Day Planning- New Date: Monday the 25th from 3-4
  • See Earth Day Agenda
  • Have the teacher forward PowerPoints ahead of time for student showcase. Forward them to Sara Alvarez
  • Check with Sara to make sure she is available for technology/video help
  • Do we want to open the sustainability fair early to allow college students to experience it without children.
  • Facility Use Form-choker dining room and the fireside room-Lorena
  • Contact Russ Jones about his environmental education students bringing their posters-Adrienne Roush
  • Create a list of booths that can be easily mobilized and put outside depending on weather
  • Update clubs on new date
  • Need 6 volunteers for the trail- Janel will check with Todd, Kim will email something to the friends of CRLC
  • Ralph will take over marketing
  • Put the clothing exchange out to the clubs to see if somebody will take it over- Cara Beth
  • Sustainable Food Booth- Chickens: We need more people to help with this booth. Jessica will check into an FFA student to help with this booth
  • Adrienne will spearhead an e-book booth, demonstrate different reader programs
  • People who can be here all day
    • Lorena
    • Kim
    • Jessica
    • Janel
    • Adrienne
    • Jayme Peterson
    • Ralph- with surrogates
    • Contact the city of Hoquiam to do a community garden booth
    • Contact master gardeners about a composting booth, don tapio at the county extension office
    • Contact Grays Harbor Paper
    • Contact Heidi Happonen-Ocean Gold
    • Contact Grays Harbor PUD
    • Contact Five-Star and ask about an electric car, bruce titus might work as well about the Nissan leaf, city of Hoquiam might have some too (Alyssa Thurman)
    • Contact the MRC and ask about anybody who would like a booth
    • Vision 2020: Mike Myers (Recycling)-see email and Ron Pinnick
    • Hospital: Mandy Schumate
    • CCAP for their wind turbines
    • Panel Tech
    • Wild Olympics Campaign
    • Olympic Agenda: Sam Gibboney Office: 360-379-4831 Cell: 360-643-3028
    • Community Hospital: Mandy Shumate
    • Rayonier
    • booth about sustainability resources
    • Send out an email for baby food jars
    • Freecycle/Ewaste Booth
    • Textbook Rentals
    • Carbon Footprint


  1. New business


  1. Closing Comments


  1. Adjourn