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Meeting Minutes 1-26-2012

GHC Sustainability Committee Meeting

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Choker Dining Room, 3pm

Attendance: Erik Sandgren, Adrienne Roush, Gary Hay, Janel Spaulding.



1) Introductions-Everyone present provided introductions.



2) Recycling Bin Update-The NR Club is going around to inventory all of the recycling bins and to find out which classrooms need recycling bins. They will take the lead in sorting out aluminum from the paper/cardboard waste and will use the recycling as a fundraiser. The issue in the past is that the custodians don’t want to sort out the paper from aluminum but now that issue is resolved with the help of the NR Club.



3) Sustainability Blog Update-The Sustainability Blog is now being updated thanks to David Mills, one of the student reps on our committee. He worked with Ralph Hogaboom to update the links that weren’t working like the sustainability tips. Thanks to David for taking the lead on this!



4) Earth Day Planning-Earth Day is officially on Sunday, April 22nd. The group agreed to hold Earth Day on the Tuesday before on April 17th. Gary volunteered to reserve the HUB, fireside room and Choker Dining Room for the day’s activities. Todd Bates’ forestry students would be available on a Tuesday or Thursday to help lead the trail activities. Janel would like to see similar activities to what we had last year with the different exhibitors/organizations, the clothing drive, and the trail activities. Here is what has been done in the past:


  • Sustainable Food Booth- Chickens
  • E-book booth, demonstrate different reader programs
  • City of Hoquiam: a community garden booth and/or electric car
  • Master gardeners: a composting booth
  • Ocean Gold
  • Grays Harbor PUD
  • Grays Harbor Marine Resources Committee
  • Vision 2020: Mike Myers (Recycling)
  • Hospital: Mandy Schumate
  • CCAP for their wind turbines
  • Panel Tech
  • Wild Olympics Campaign
  • Olympic Agenda: Sam Gibboney Office: 360-379-4831 Cell: 360-643-3028
  • Community Hospital: Mandy Shumate
  • Rayonier
  • booth about sustainability resources
  • Send out an email for baby food jars
  • Freecycle/Ewaste Booth
  • Textbook Rentals
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Recycling bins on people: students could walk around “wearing” recycling bins and explain to people what can be recycled and what can’t


Here is a list of things we need people to start helping with:

-Reserve the HUB, Choker Dining Room, and Fireside Room for Earth Day Activities and tables/chairs, etc-Gary volunteered to help with this.

-Work with Student Government to try to show film on food waste-Gary volunteered to help with this.

-Coordinate with exhibitors/organizations for booth/activity-Janel will take the lead on this.

-Coordinate with Todd Bates for trail activities and help get the word out to students

-Coordinate the clothing drive: suggested that we have people “model” the clothes.

-Coordinate advertising i.e. flyers, brochures, radio, tvs in HUB, readerboard, etc: suggested by Erik that all flyers etc are done in black and white to save on costs and environment.



5) Trail Project Idea-Tom Kuester

Tom Kuester has had an idea to build a trail from campus to the South Shore Mall. Currently students have to walk along the Highway, which is not really safe because there is no sidewalk. Tom has gone out with Todd to do a little surveying work to see where the trail might go. Tom couldn’t be here today to elaborate on this idea, but wanted to get the idea out to the group to see if there is something we could help with. At this point this is in the very early planning stages. Tom is proposing a trail to be built from the lower parking lot that goes through the fields and trees to Huntley rd. As the weather gets nicer we can ask Tom to come to a meeting and we could go on a “tour” of his proposed trail.


6) Next Meeting-February 16th