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Sustainability Tip of the Week March 19th

Hello Campus Community, Here is your March 19th Sustainability Tip of the Week. This week’s tip on “water usage” is brought to you by Claire Bruncke. Thank you Claire! 

Many people are surprised at home much water they use each week. Sometimes people don’t even know where their water usage is coming from.  My advice to you is keep a chart! Record every time, and how much water you use for a week. (how many gallons per toilet flush, per shower, for drinking, watering plants, laundry, dishes, washing hands, etc) Then try to cut back in a certain area the next week!  Only 3% of the Earth’s water is fresh, and there are a whole lot of people relying on that. Take into consideration where you use your water! The gallon usage for most shower heads can be found on google, and your toilet will say how many gallons the tank is using normally.  If you’re looking to make a big change- invest in low flow faucets and toilets! They make a big difference! Don’t forget to count your morning latte in your usage! Good luck and happy water saving!